Permanent Aluminum Wiring Parts

Material: Aluminum
Processing: CNC Machining
Surface treatment:Polishing
Supplying capacities: 200000pcs/month

Product Details

Installation Instructions

IMPORTANT: Turn off power before installing or removing connector. Product to be used in accordance with local and national codes. 1. Strip conductors 5/16”. 2. Insert conductor into wire port, fully seating conductor into port. 3. Tighten set screws to the torque indicated below, based on conductor size and material as indicated. 10 in-lb #12 solid aluminum 15 in-lb #10 solid aluminum 15 in-lb all solid and stranded copper conductors Do not over torque. 4. Once all conductors are installed, close lid taking care to verify latch is securely fastened.


Max. Voltage: 300V Wire

Type: Copper/Aluminum

Temperature Rating: 105°C

Flammability Rating: V-2

Do not reuse

One conductor only per port

Two ports allow conductors to remain separate, permitting the lug to: - Provide lower resistance, therefore lower temperature - Provide longer-term reliability

• One piece for easy installation • Secure, mechanical lug designed for aluminum to copper (AL - CU) connections • AlumiConn design features a tin plated lug with two ports and nickel-plated compression screws • Versus other products designed for aluminum to copper conductors, AlumiConn: - Is a more cost-effective alternative for replacing aluminum electrical wire systems - Offers a solution that makes pig-tailing easier and safer • AlumiConn is suitable for multiple types of connections including: - Aluminum to Aluminum - Aluminum to Copper - Copper to Copper • Ports of connectors contain a layer of Corrosion Inhibitor that provides resistance from oxidation.