A brief introduction to machining parts

- Dec 03, 2018-

A discipline in the research and design of mechanical foundations in a variety of equipment, as well as the commonly known as of parts and components. The specific contents of mechanical parts as a subject include: The connection of 1, 0 (part) parts.

Such as threaded joints, wedge joints, pin joints, bond joints, spline joints, overflow mating joints, elastic ring joints, riveting, welding and bonding. 2, transmission movement and energy of the belt drive, friction wheel transmission, key drive, harmonic transmission, gear transmission, rope drive and spiral transmission and other mechanical transmission, as well as transmission shaft, coupling, clutch and brake and other corresponding shaft system 0 (part). 3, play a Supporting role of 0 (part) parts, such as bearings, boxes and chassis and so on. 4, lubrication of the lubrication system and sealing. 5, Spring and other 0 (part) parts. As a subject, mechanical parts from the overall mechanical design, the comprehensive use of the results of various related disciplines, the study of the principles, structure, characteristics, applications, failure forms, bearing capacity and design procedures of the basic parts, the study of the design of the basic components of the theory, methods and guidelines, and thus the establishment of the subject of the actual theoretical system, Become an important foundation for research and design machinery.