Adjustment of machining Parts

- Dec 03, 2018-

In addition, since January, the newly approved internal and external investment projects of some models of the whole machine such as the positive shovel mining excavator, electric traction shearer scraper Conveyor, scraper reprint machine, and hydraulic support, large crushing station, fixed belt conveyor, etc., all stop the implementation of import tax exemption policy. The adjustment of import tax policy reflects the government's support for the revitalization of the domestic equipment manufacturing industry, the transfer of taxes on the return of key parts and raw materials into the capital of enterprises, and can provide a source of capital for enterprises to carry out technological transformation and scientific and technological innovation. At the same time, under the premise that domestic equipment can meet the basic domestic needs, stop the tax exemption on the imported machine, can provide a fair competition for domestic equipment with imported equipment, can reduce the production cost pressure of newly developed domestic equipment in a certain period of time.