Applications of 5G Technology

- Jan 28, 2019-

Applications of 5G technology

5G technology will power wide range of future industries from retail to education, transportation to entertainment and smart homes to healthcare. It will make mobile more essential than it is today. What are the applications of 5G technology?

Researchers predict the global, social and economic impact of 5G, which will benefit entire economies and society. It is expected to produce trillions of worth revenue in coming years.

1. High-speed mobile network

5G will revolutionize the mobile experience with supercharged wireless network, which can support up to 10 to 20 GBPS of data download speed. It is equivalent to a fiber optic Internet connection accessed wirelessly. Compared to conventional mobile transmission technologies, voice and high-speed data can be simultaneously transferred efficiently in 5G.

Low latency is one of the most important features of 5G technology which is significant for autonomous driving and mission critical applications. 5G networks are capable of latency less than a millisecond.

5G will be using new radio millimeter waves for transmission. It has much higher bandwidth compared to lower LTE bands and capable of huge data rate.

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Mobile downloads will be much faster, always on, always connected and responsive mobile Internet offer power mobile experience. 5G networks will enable secure access to cloud storage; access of enterprise applications, run powerful tasks with greater processing power virtually.

5G wireless technology will open greater opportunity for new device manufactures and application developers. New VoIP devices and smart devices will be introduced in the market and thus more job opportunities as well.

Wi-Fi offloading and device-to-device communication techniques are suggested to further enhance network performance and support during limited access or absence of mobile networks. Small cell concept used in 5G will have multiple advantages of better cell coverage, maximum data transfer, low power consumption and cloud access network etc.…

2. Entertainment and multimedia

Analysts found that 55 percentage of mobile Internet traffic has been used for video downloads globally in 2015. This trend will increase in future and high definition video streaming will be common in future.

5G will offer a high definition virtual world on your mobile phone. High speed streaming of 4K videos only takes few seconds and it can support crystal clear audio clarity.

Live events can be streamed via wireless network with high definition. HD TV channels can be accessed on mobile devices without any interruptions. Entertainment industry will hugely benefit from 5G wireless networks.

5G can provide 120 frames per second, high resolution and higher dynamic range video streaming without interruption. Audiovisual experience will be rewritten after the implementation of latest technologies powered by 5G wireless.

Augmented reality and virtual reality requires HD video with low latency. 5G network is powerful enough to power AR and VR with amazing virtual experience.

HD virtual reality games are getting popular and many companies are investing on VR based gaming. High speed 5G network can offer better gamming experience with high speed Internet.

3. Internet of Things – Connecting everything

Internet of Things (IoT) is another broad area for development using supercharged 5G wireless network. Internet of Things will connect every objects, appliances, sensors, devices and applications into Internet.

IoT applications will collects huge amount of data from millions of devices and sensors. It requires an efficient network for data collection, processing, transmission, control and real-time analytics.

5G is the most efficient candidate for Internet of Things due to its flexibility, unused spectrum availability and low cost solutions for deployment. IoT can benefit from 5G networks in many areas like:

3.1 Smart Home

Smart home appliances and products are catching up the market today. Smart home concept will utilize 5G networks for device connectivity and monitoring of applications.

5G wireless network will be utilized by smart appliances which can be configured and accessed from remote locations, closed circuit cameras will provide high quality real-time video for security purposes.

3.2 Logistics and shipping

Logistic and shipping industry can make use of smart 5G technology for goods tracking, fleet management, centralized database management, staff scheduling and real-time delivery tracking and reporting.

3.3 Smart cities

Smart city application like traffic management, Instant weather update, local area broadcasting, energy management, smart power grid, smart lighting of street, water resource management, crowd management, emergency response etc.… can use reliable 5G wireless network for its functioning.

3.4 Industrial IoT

Future industries will depend on smart wireless technologies like 5G and LTE advanced for efficient automation of equipment, predictive maintenance, safety, process tracking, smart packing, shipping, logistics and energy management.

Smart sensor technology offers unlimited solutions for industrial IoT for smarter, safe, cost effective and energy efficient industrial operation.

3.5 Smart farming

5G technology will be used for agriculture and smart farming in future. Using smart RFID sensors and GPS technology, farmers can track location of livestock and manage them easily. Smart sensors can be used for irrigation control, access control and energy management.

3.6 Fleet management

Many companies are using smart tracking devices for fleet management, 5G technology will provide much better solutions for location tracking and fleet management.

3.7 Healthcare and mission critical applications

5G technology will support medical practitioners to perform advanced medical le procedures with reliable wireless network connected to another side of the globe. Connected classrooms will help students to attend seminars and important lecturers.

People with chronic medical conditions will benefit from smart devices and real-time monitoring. Doctors can connect with patients from anywhere anytime and advice them when necessary. Scientists are working on smart medical devices which can perform remote surgery.

Healthcare industry has to integrate all the operation with use of a powerful network. 5G will power healthcare industry with smart medical devices, Internet of medical things, smart analytics, and high definition medical imaging technologies.

Smart medical devices like wearable will continuously monitor patient’s condition and activate alert during emergency. Hospitals and ambulance services will get alerts during critical situation and they can make necessary steps to speed up diagnose and treatment.

Patients with special needs can be tracked using special tags and precise location tracking devices. Healthcare database can be accessed from any locations collected data analysis can be used for research and improvement of treatments.

3.8 Autonomous Driving

Self-driving cars are not very far from reality with the use of 5G wireless networks. High performance wireless network connectivity with low latency is significant for autonomous driving.

In future, cars can communicate with smart traffic signs, surrounding objects and other vehicles on the road. Every millisecond is important for self-driving vehicles, decision has to be made in split second to avoid collision and make sure passenger safety.

3.9 Drone Operation

Drones are getting popular for multiple operations range from entertainment, video capturing, medical and emergency access, smart delivery solutions, security and surveillance etc. 5G network will provide strong support with high speed wireless internet connectivity for drone operation in wide range of applications.

During emergency situations like natural calamities, humans have limited access to many areas where drones can reach out and collect useful information.

3.10 Security and surveillance

5G wireless technology is one the best solution for security and surveillance due to higher bandwidth and unlicensed spectrum.

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Final thoughts

5G is one of the most sophisticated wireless technologies we have ever developed so far. It will revolutionize the entire area where wireless network can be used for efficient and secure communication. The socio economics impact of 5G has yet to be analyzed. However, it will make significant impact on every areas where wireless transmission is inevitable.