How to judge the choice of CNC lathe in parts processing

- Jun 01, 2019-

Lathe processing is an industry that has been developing rapidly in the past few years. With the development of computers, the processing of lathes has also changed a lot. From the previous ordinary lathes to the current numerical control, it can be said that there has been a great reform, then How to judge the choice of CNC lathe in parts processing?

In fact, there are many kinds of parts that can be processed on the lathe. Basically, the parts needed in each field can be processed on the lathe. Knowing this, you need to carefully distinguish when selecting the lathe, and choose the one that suits it according to the characteristics of the part. The processing method, although some parts are more complicated in processing, but it is easy to form after the corresponding lathe selection, so as long as you choose the right processing method, these are not problems. In addition, the selection of the tool should be paid attention to during the machining of the lathe. Some parts may be processed according to different external smoothness. The tool should select the matching tool according to the characteristics of the production part. Only in this way can the finished part be guaranteed to meet the requirements. customer's request. There will be great reforms after the development of CNC, so now we can only choose a suitable processing method for the time being. Maybe the subsequent parts processing can be fully automated, even the program does not need to be written, so the choice of CNC lathe in part processing is also very important.

The machining of parts requires machining through a CNC lathe. What kind of parts, what kind of equipment to take, this choice is still relatively technical. There are multiple methods for selecting a CNC lathe in part machining.

First, select the verified equipment according to the size of the machined parts. The first element of part machining is that the size of the part is within the allowable machining range of the device. This means that the part can be housed inside the machine and then machined. For example, the lathe can be processed in a range of 520, which is the previously mentioned 520 lathe, so parts larger than this size are basically impossible to process. Because the workpiece is to be rotated around the spindle on the fixture, it will hit the device if it exceeds the size, causing damage to the equipment and parts.

Second, according to the material of the part to choose. The selection of CNC lathes in part machining can also be distinguished by material. For the processing of metal parts, it is necessary to adopt a high-speed, high-power, high-precision lathe. For parts such as plastics and wood, low-precision equipment can be used, because these equipments are cheaper and can reduce costs. If high-precision equipment is chosen, the price will be high.

Third, according to the processing accuracy to choose. The selection of CNC lathes in the machining of parts requires high precision for parts with high requirements. For low requirements, use some low-precision equipment. There is no need to machine low-demand parts with good equipment, which is a waste.