Detailed introduction to RF coaxial connectors

- Dec 03, 2018-

Coaxial connectors, (some people also call it a RF connector or RF connector, in fact, the RF connector is not exactly equivalent to coaxial connectors, RF connectors are classified from the point of view of the frequency of the connector, and the coaxial connector is classified from the structure of the connector, some connectors are not necessarily coaxial, But it is also used in the RF field and coaxial connectors can also be used at low frequencies, for example, very common audio headphone plugs, with frequencies not exceeding 3MHz.

From a traditional point of view, RF finger MHz category, now coaxial connectors are often used in the microwave field, GHz category, "RF" the term has been used, overlapping on the word "Microwave"), is a branch of the connector, there is the commonality of connectors also has its particularity.