Cutting oil for machine tool Casting Parts prevents chucks from rusting:

- Feb 21, 2019-

1. The use of cutting oil with rust-prevention effect on the machine tool Casting Parts can prevent the rust inside the chuck, because the rust of the chuck will reduce the clamping force and it will not clamp the workpiece.

2. When the job is finished, be sure to use a blow gun or similar tool to clean the chuck body and the slide surface.

3, in order to keep the machine tool casting chucks used for a long time, there is still good accuracy, lubrication is very important. Improper or improper lubrication will cause some problems, such as abnormal function at low pressure, weak clamping force, poor clamping accuracy, abnormal wear and jamming, so the chuck must be properly lubricated.

4. At least every 6 months remove the chuck to disassemble and clean, keep the sliding surface of the jaws clean and give lubrication, so that the life of the chuck increases. However, if the cast iron is cleaned at least one or more times every 2 months, check the parts for breakage and wear, and replace the new ones immediately. After the inspection is completed, sufficient oil must be supplied before the assembly can be made.

5. Apply molybdenum disulfide grease (black in color) at least once a day. Put the grease into the chuck nozzle until the grease overflows the clamping jaw face or the inner hole of the chuck (inner hole protection sleeve and connecting nut), but if When the chuck rotates high or a large amount of water-based cutting oil is used for processing, it needs more lubrication and must be determined according to different situations.

6, for different parts of the machine tool Casting Parts, must use different clamping methods or choose to make special fixtures. The three-jaw chuck is a general-purpose type fixture that can be used to clip irregular or strange workpieces, which can cause damage to the chuck! If the chuck pressure is not normal, the chuck will be under high pressure, or the machine After the machine shuts down, the chuck also clamps the workpiece, which will reduce the life of the chuck! So when you find that the chuck clearance is too large, you must replace the new chuck immediately.