Precision hardware parts processing accuracy can not be separated from environmental conditions

- Feb 25, 2019-

In the main Machining process, there are CNC Machining, CNC turning, Auto lathe turning,CNC Milling, Stamping, Sheet metal fabrication, Casting, Injection molding etc

Now people's living standards have improved, and the demand for products is getting higher and higher. Like the digital electronic products we use, the functions in them are getting more and more refined, ranging from chips to a screw, all of which need to be precise. So how to ensure the precision of these precision hardware parts processing? From the selection of machine tools, to the tool, measurement. The other thing that may be overlooked is the environment in which precision parts are processed.

As we all know, precision metal parts have now reached micron level. It requires not only sophisticated processing equipment, cutting tools, precision measuring instruments, and highly skilled workers. Good machining environment is also the main factor to ensure the precision of precision parts. For example, if the dust is excessive, the surface of the workpiece will be scratched and the surface quality will be affected, so we need to strengthen the purification in the workshop. Too much change of ambient temperature has become the main source of errors in precision metal parts processing. Too high temperature will cause thermal deformation of machine tools, cutting tools and measuring devices, which will result in machining errors and measuring errors. In the machining of precision parts, vibration has a great influence on machining accuracy and surface roughness. Vibration mainly includes vibration caused by natural external force, traffic vibration, vibration caused by human walking and vibration caused by machine tool equipment, etc.

For the above reasons, the working environment should be purified, vibration-proof and constant temperature.