Family of Grinder in Precision Machining Industry

- Feb 15, 2019-

Surface Grinder: mainly used for workpiece grinding, and is divided into hand grinder and water grinder. Hand grinder is suitable for machining parts with small size and high precision. It can process all kinds of workpieces such as curved surface, plane, groove and so on. The large water mill, which is different from the hand mill, is mostly used in the processing of the larger workpiece, and the accuracy is relatively low.

 Belt grinder: a machine tool that uses the abrasive belt as a tool for polishing and grinding. It can process the surface and dimensional accuracy of the workpiece.

 Centerless Grinder: a machine tool that can be ground without the use of the axial orientation of the workpiece, consisting mainly of grinding wheels, adjustment wheels and supports, mainly used for the processing of cylindrical parts, such as shaft parts.

 Coordinate grinder: no precise coordinate structure, the main purpose is to deal with the heat treatment deformation of materials, suitable for the grinding of holes with high hole spacing accuracy.

Honing machine: two types of vertical and horizontal, mainly using honing head grinding workpiece surface, suitable for automotive, aviation and other high precision parts hole processing. Grinder: surface grinding with abrasive embedded or coated tools, characterized by high precision and wide range of optional processing materials. Tool grinder: grinding with diamond grinding wheel, can grinding all kinds of cemented carbide tools, especially for reamer, milling cutter, bit and so on. Multi-purpose grinder: it has the function of universal round grinder and universal tool grinder. It has strong rigidity, high precision, and can process plane and inclined plane. End-face grinder: a high-precision cross-section machining equipment, suitable for gear parts grinding. Cylindrical grinder: the most widely used and basic machine tool, capable of processing a variety of cylindrical and conical surfaces. Internal grinder: a widely used basic machine tool, mainly used to process cylindrical, conical and other shape of the inner surface of the primary line.

These are the grinding machine family members of the introduction, according to the business needs of the company, can select the right process of the facilities to produce more high-quality precision machining parts.