How To Make The Process Flow Of Machining Reasonably ?

- Feb 14, 2019-

1. According to the precision requirement of machining and the roughness of machined surface, the suitable machining methods should be selected.

2. The positioning datum of each working procedure should be reasonably selected according to the requirements of the coarse and fine datum. 

3. On the basis of the analysis of the parts, it is necessary to divide the thick machining and determine the concentration degree of each working procedure to arrange the processing sequence of each surface reasonably, so as to work out the machining process of the parts.

 4, determine the processing allowance of each process and the size of each process with its tolerance.

5. Under the premise of ensuring quality and considering economy, select suitable machine tools, clamps, quantities and cutting tools. 

6. Determine the technical requirements and inspection methods of the main processes.

7. In order to ensure the reasonableness of production and the balance of rhythm, we must choose the appropriate cutting quantity and time quantity, and can not change at will. 

8, the operation master according to the requirements to fill in the process flow value.

In machining, only by strictly following the rules of operation flow, can we guarantee the order of each working procedure in processing and production, thus ensure the product quality stability and satisfy the wishes of customers.