The origin of machining parts

- Dec 03, 2018-

Since the emergence of machinery, there have been corresponding mechanical parts. But as a discipline, mechanical parts are separated from mechanical tectonics and mechanics.

With the development of machinery industry, the emergence of new design theory and methods, new materials and processes, mechanical parts have entered a new stage of development. The theories of finite element method, fracture mechanics, elastic fluid dynamic pressure lubrication, optimization design, reliability design, computer-aided analysis (CAD), Solid Modeling (Pro, Ug, SolidWorks, etc.), system analysis and design methodology have been gradually used in the research and design of mechanical parts. To better realize the synthesis of various disciplines, to realize the combination of macroscopic and microscopic, to explore new principles and structures, to make more use of dynamic design and precise design, to use electronic computers more effectively, and to further develop design theory and methods, is an important trend in the development of this discipline.