What types of precision CNC metal cutting fluids are there ?

- Jul 09, 2019-

In the cutting fluid, the main component of the aqueous solution is water-cooling performance liquid, which is easy for the operator to observe during processing; the emulsion is mainly made up of 95%-98% water diluted with mineral oil and emulsified grease, which has good Fluidity and cooling also have low lubricity. The emulsion combines the advantages of oil and water, and has good lubrication and cooling properties, so it has a good effect on high-speed, high-temperature and low-pressure metal cutting.

 In addition to cutting difficult-to-machine materials, the emulsion can be used for all light and medium-duty cutting operations and most heavy-duty machining. The emulsion can also be used for all grinding operations except for complex grinding. However, the shortcomings of the emulsion are also very prominent. When exposed to air, the bacteria are easily propagated, and the emulsion is spoiled and deteriorated. Therefore, an organic bactericide having weak toxicity should generally be added. High concentrations of emulsions are used for roughing and grinding.

 Low-concentration emulsions are used for finishing, drilling, and milling; cutting oils are mainly mineral oils, and few use animal or vegetable oils or compound oils. Additives are added to improve the lubrication and rust resistance. Its lubricity is excellent, but its cooling performance is poor. Mainly used for gear machining, milling and reaming, and cutting.