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Material: Aluminum Finishing:Anodizing Tolerance: 0.005mm Color: Black

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Properties of Aluminum

Excellent corrosion and chemical resistance

High strength-to-weight ratio

Good heat and electrical conductivity

Easily machined

Reflects heat and light

Aluminum is a popular choice for many metal products and components


Transportation: The combination of lightness, strength and malleability makes aluminum the ideal material for transportation applications. It is used in automobiles, airplanes, railways and marine applications and also for making fuel-efficient engines in cars and trucks. Its low weight reduces fuel consumption and emissions.

Air Travel: Strong aluminum alloys take the extreme pressures and stresses involved in high altitude flying. Wafer thin aluminum panels keep the cold out and the air in. Many internal fittings like the seating on airplanes are made from aluminum or aluminum composite in order to save weight and thus save fuel, reduce emissions and increase the aircraft’s payload.

Construction: Aluminum facilitates the construction of corrosion-resistant and low cost buildings. All kinds of aluminum products are used for new construction as well as renovation and due to its strength and lightness, it is used in earthquake prone zones. It is also a good reflector of light, and is often used in lighting fixtures.

Packaging and Food Processing: It is non-poisonous, which allows for non-acidic food to be safely wrapped in thin sheets like foil and cooked in vessels. Aluminum cookware is easy to lift, requires considerably less heat than stainless steel or cast iron and utensils heat up quickly and evenly.

Vehicles: A high proportion of the shock inflicted by an automobile in a motor vehicle accident is absorbed primarily by its aluminum structure.

Electrical Transmission Lines: Aluminum can be drawn into thin wires which are often used in products such as light bulbs and telephone wires. Most of the high voltage overhead transmission and distribution lines over long distances are also made of aluminum.

Stainless Steel is a steel alloy which contains a minimum of 10% chromium. The additional chromium provides a pristine surface finish and exceptional corrosion resistance not found in carbon steels.


High strength


Excellent heat resistance

Excellent corrosion resistance

Excellent impact resistance

Typically doesn’t require surface finishing



Home appliances

Hand tools

Storage containers

Pressure tanks

Automotive parts

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