Example Of Model Composition Of RF Connectors

- Dec 03, 2018-

Example 1:MCX-JW3

It indicates that the MCX type bending RF plug, the inner conductor of the plug is the socket contact parts, with the syv-50-3,rg-58/u and other RF cables.

Example 2:bnc-kwe

Indicates that the BNC bend welding on the printed circuit board impedance of 50ω RF socket.

Example 3:sma-c-j1.5

Indicates that the SMA direct RF plug, the inner conductor is the pin contact parts, with the sff-50-1.5-1,rg-174/u and other RF cables, the termination form is the crimping type.

Example of the model composition of the adapter

The model of the adapter is derived from the model of the plug or socket and generally takes the following form:

The main name code part of the adapter model is marked with the connector main name code (series adapter) or fractional type (series adapter).

Example 1:SMA-50JK

Indicates the SMA type 50ω series adapter, one end is the Yang contact piece, one end is the yin contact piece.

Example: BNC/SMA-50JK

Indicates that one end is BNC yang contact piece, the other end is SMA yin contact piece, impedance is 50ω adapter.

Example of model composition of impedance converter

Example: N-50J/75K

N-type resistance of one end 50ω Yang contact parts and 75ω Yin contact parts at the other end Folded