Overview Of The Development Of RF Connectors

- Dec 03, 2018-

Compared with other electronic components, the development history of RF connectors is relatively short. The UHF connector that emerged in 1930 was the first RF connector. By the two World War, as a result of the urgent need for war, with the development of radar, radio and microwave communications, the emergence of N, C, BNC, TNC, and other medium series, 1958 years later the emergence of SMA, SMB, SMC and other miniaturized products, in 1964 the development of the United States military standards mil-c-39012 "

RF Coaxial Connector General specification, from then on, RF connectors began to standardize, serialization, generalization direction of development. The development technology of RF connectors in the United States, Britain, France and other countries is in a leading position, its design, production, testing, use technology has been fuhua, tend to improve, not only formed a complete standard system, but also raw materials, transportation materials, testing systems, assembly tools and so on have been standardized, and professional scale production.