Male PAL TV Connector

TV Antenna PAL Male Compression RG6 Connectors.This is a PAL Antenna Connectors. Suitable for use with RG6 quad shield cable.

Product Details

Key Features:

- Specifically designed to suit FTA RG6 quad-shield cable

- Blue identification ring on the back of the connector

- Brass construction for superior conductivity and easy compression

- Superb nickel finish for lastability

- PAL connectors incorporate a PP insulator for conductor seperation from the outer body

- Designed especially to suit pay TV compression tools for convenience and no additional tool cost for the installer

  • What is an IEC Connector (PAL Connector)?


This connector is pretty rare in the US, but you might still see it. Its correct name is a “Belling-Lee connector,” but of course no one calls it that. In countries where it’s in common use, it’s referred to as a PAL connector, an IEC connector, or just an aerial connector. Here in the US you probably call it “that funny plug on the back of my audio receiver.” Let’s look a little deeper into it.


The IEC Connector is generally attached to antenna cables. In most cases, it has a male connector on one side and a female on the other, making it easy to extend cables without the use of a barrel connector like we use here in the US. This means that you can extend an antenna signal more easily and with less loss.


The IEC connector works well for over-the-air antenna frequencies but does not do as well for satellite frequencies. The F-connector, with its thicker outer connection, screw threads, and direct connection between the center conductor and the opposite connector, is a much better choice for the higher frequencies needed by satellite TV cables.

Belling and Lee?

Sources say that the connector was first devised by a company called “Belling and Lee, LTD” in or around 1922, when Great Britain first started radio broadcasts. It features a robust center plug with a push-on fitting that fully shields the plug inside from outside radiation, which makes it ideal for over-the-air applications of many kinds. The connector was later standardized by the International Electrotechnical Commission, a Swiss consortium that was standardizing just about everything in Europe just like the US’s own IEEE was doing here. They saddled it with the ungainly name, “IEC 61169-2 radio-frequency coaxial connector of type 9,52.” This being the only IEC-standard connector many people used, the term “IEC Connector” became common usage.


Who’s your buddy, who’s your PAL

For most of the 20th century, the world of television broadcasting was split into three camps. Americans and much of the West used a system called NTSC. France and countries aligned with it used a completely different system called “SECAM.” Pretty much everyone else used a system called PAL. PAL was technically the superior one of the three, with about 16% better quality than NTSC. Of course, all three standards disappeared when digital broadcasting dawned in the 21st century, but the long period in which people throughout Europe connected their TVs with Belling-Lee connectors led to its being termed a “PAL Connector.”


I’m an American, why do I care?

For the most part, Americans don’t get to see IEC connectors. The one exception you’ll find is the case of audio receivers. For some reason, many audio receivers use an IEC connector for their FM antenna input. You might see something like this:


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